About us

MyChefIbiza was born with the idea of being able to share our dishes and menus with all those people who prefer to eat in the tranquility of their homes when they enjoy their holidays with their loved ones, without losing the charm of feeling served as in the best of their restaurants.

We are a couple who for years have taken our dishes to countless diners from all over the world, giving them our love for cooking and for this way of working that has allowed us to travel the world learning the different cuisines, in order to adapt them to our creations.

Convinced of the saying of the mothers that "better than at home, you do not eat anywhere" we hope with all our experience and gastronomic knowledge to give all our guests the feeling of being at home.
About Chef Raul:
I started my career in gastronomy in some of the best restaurants on the island of Ibiza, where I learned much more than just cooking from the excellent Chefs and owners I worked with. After this learning experience, the world of gastronomy became a real passion for me and I eventually got to manage my own restaurant in central Bilbao.

It was there, working from the roots of traditional Basque cuisine, where I deepened my culinary knowledge and where I learned the importance of quality-based service. To keep growing as a cook I decided to start working as a private chef, attracted by the possibility of offering a unique, personalized service adapted to the preferences and particular tastes of distinguished clients.

I base all my cooking on high quality products that are produced in a respectful, creative and professional manner. I am creating meals on private yachts or in homes allowing me to serve my clients according to their needs. I easily adapt to different diets and personal preferences. My  travel to varies countries helped me discover different culinary cultures. I learned how to create a cuisine of complex and refined flavors that seeks to satisfy and please the diner, transmitting my passion as well as my culinary background.

I combine flavors and techniques to create dishes that not only feed and nourish, but that also include a sensory and emotional experience, pleasant as well as stimulating.